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Photograph of Edward


Edward has previously worked as a product designer at Intercom and After having moved around to various countries for work, he is now back in his hometown of Cork, Ireland.

He can often be found playing 5-a-side, walking the dog, reading a book, or noodling on guitar.

Photograph of Tarek


Tarek is a product engineer who previously worked at Intercom. Prior to that, he travelled to live and work in numerous places around the world.

He's now living in a small fishing town in rural south Ireland, and enjoys the nature around.

He basically climbs hills whenever he can, and enjoys the rare, but lovely Irish sunny days.

Photograph of Mohamed


Mohamed has a background in digital enterprise strategy and software engineering.

When he's not staring at his computer screen, he can be found staring at the night sky somewhere in Alberta, Canada, where he moved a year ago.

He enjoys reading, and writing about the things he reads.

Photograph of Alexandra


Alexandra is a customer success lead who does her best to help every customer make full use of our product.

After travelling the world, she now permanently resides in her hometown of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Her main passion is music. To take a break from her laptop, she does yoga and rides her bicycle.

Photograph of Ahmed


Ahmed has previously worked as a software engineer at Instabug. He enjoys creating products that users love.

Based in his hometown of Cairo, Egypt, he loves exploring new places around, and enjoys swimming and playing tennis.

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